About Pastor P.T.By (Glenn Gullmess)

         Trained as an organization development specialist, P.T. is definitely “a man with a plan.” As part of the church’s outreach efforts, he intends to make the facility a center of community service and a hub of neighborhood activity. He hopes to integrate the community at large into the life of the church through special dinners, festivals and celebrations. In re-examining the church’s relevance and mission in the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century, he is exploring bold, innovative approaches to bring about transformation in human lives by developing a practical teaching approach for dealing with everyday issues and by launching a variety of specialized ministries to men, women, youth and children.  Church teachings aremeant to transform lives to transcend the mundane pressures of everyday life. The intention is to communicate God’s love in a practical manner, illustrating the freedom that comes from forgiveness and the blessings that flow from a life of faith, prayer and compassion. 
         .A onetime San Mateo County Commisioner, founding chairman of the Federation of Indian Americans and president of the San Francisco Association of Evengelicals, Pastor P.T. Mammen is well-liked and respected as both a civic and religious leader.  As the longtime Program Chairman of the Annual Easter Sunrise Service at Mt. Davidson Cross, Pastor P.T. was instrumental in the effort to save America’s largest cross when a lawsuit was filed against the city of San Francisco, seeking to have the 103-foot tall monument (which was dedicated by President Frankline Roosevelt) removed from public property. Pastor P.T. was a key player in ensuring that the historic cross was saved. His good friend Bishop Aris Shirvanian spearheaded the successful effort on behalf of the Bay Area Armenian community to preserve the cross for generations to come. 


          A native of Kerala, South India has lived in Northern California since 1966. Married to Thankam for 48 years, they have two
children and four grandchildren. Been in “Pastoral ministry” since 1968, studied theology at H.B.I India and Bethany Bible College, and pre-med at Baring College, Punjab India, Biology and Psychology at Cal State University, Turlock and business at USF.