Children's ministry:

Training up children with deep convictions to value things of God is our primary commitment. There are too many competing distractions for growing up children. We will provide an interesting environment where Christian principles can be learned and reinforced. Well trained teachers provide most up-to-date learning technologies in discovery, demonstration and devotion. Children will learn for a cognitive understanding to Christian truths, and apply them with the use of practical expressions in art, music and dance. Having an exposure to foundations of Christianity we will provide meaningful worship experience. Hope you want to bring the children to experience excellence.  

Worship at ICCSBNAZ:

Every activity of a believer is meant to be a worship in our life. We provide optimum opportunity to actualize the divine encounter through Bible study, prayer, music, preaching and witnessing to others. We have variety of music style, traditional and contemporary, fit for all generations where people of faith can enter into a transcendental spirit filled higher experience. We practice consistency, balance and elegance. Come and see what God will do for you at San Bruno Church. Your time has come to trade in self-centered behavior in favor of Christ centered ways.

Special Activities:

Special and targeted events take place to encourage women, men and youth. Dinner with Honorable Men or Celebration of Love or Youth Picnics or similar events are offered periodically. Ministry leaders develop and launch relevant activities to equip and enable people of faith to be actively engaged in meaningful faith. We provide resources to enable our people to experience the fullness of purpose in each life. There are dedicated leaders willing to serve, counsel and provide needed truth teaching for everyday success. Let us experience all that God has for us. God has already taken the first step of love and grace and invited us to partner.