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  • Adam Eve part 20:00
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden  
God made sure that the Garden of Eden had everything that Adam and Eve needed to behappy.  The sun kept them warm, so they didn't need clothes-they weren't embarrassed about being naked anyway.  A gushing stream gave them water.  All sorts of flowers, plants and trees grew there, fragrant and shady, and  bearing tasty fruits, nuts and seeds.  In the middle of the garden grew the two most beautiful trees of all-the Tree of life and the Tree of Knowledge.   "Take care of my marvelous garden," God told Adam and Eve.  "Enjoy eating anything you like, except for the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge, Please do not eat those.  If you do, you will die".    Adam and Eve did as they were told and their life in the garden was wonderful, until one day Eve met a snake.  The snake was by far the most cunning of all the creatures God had made.  Very Slyly, it asked Eve, "Did God really tell you not to eat from one of the trees?"  "Yes, that one," replied Eve, pointing to the Tree of Knowledge.  "He said that if we do, we'll die.  I don't think we're even allowed to touch it."    "Nonsense," hissed the snake. "You won't die! God doesn't want you to eat that fruit because if you do, you'll become like Him.  You'll know the difference between good and bad, just as He does."     Eve gazed nervously at the Tree of Knowledge.  How beautiful it was!  Its leaves whispered mysteriously in the breeze and its branches stretched toward her.  Its fruits hung down, ripe and ready to drop into her hand.  "How wonderful it would be to become wise!"  Eve murmured.  Overcome with longing, she reached out, picked the nearest fruit, and took a big, juicy bit.  It was so delicious! Surely something that tasted so good could not be wrong.  Eve hurried to share the fruit with Adam and he couldn't resist trying it either.     Suddenly, Adam and Eve realized that they did indeed know the difference between good and bad-and what they had done was very wrong.  The couple dreadfully ashamed and were embarrassed about being naked too.  They tried to sew leaves together to cover themselves.  Then, in horror, they heard God coming.  Quickly, they hid, but God knew.    "Adam," God called, "why are you and Eve hiding from me?"    The red-faced couple crept out, handing their heads.    "We were frightened when we heard You, and also we weren't dressed," Adam mumbled.     "What has made you want clothes?  And why are you afraid of me?"  God demanded. "You haven't eaten the fruit I asked you not to eat, have you?"      Adam owned up, but he blamed it all on Eve, who is turn blamed the snake.  God listened as they squirmed and squabbled.  Then with huge disappointment He said, "I have no choice but to punish you all."      He sent the snake crawling away in the dust, the enemy of humans forever.  After making animal-skin clothes for Adam and Eve, He turned them out of their beautiful garden home.  "From now on, you will have to fend for yourselves and struggle to grow food,"  God told them.  "And one day, you will go back to being the earth from which I made you-you will one day die."  He set angels with fiery swords to guard the Tree of Life, so that Adam and Eve could not eat its fruit to save themselves from eventually dying.  God watched in great sadness as the shamed couple walked out into the world.  

亚当和夏娃在伊甸园   亚当和夏娃在伊甸园里快乐的生活着。上帝赐给了他们生活所需的一切。有温暖的阳光,使他们并不
需要穿衣取暖。他们也并不因为裸体而羞愧。有泉水供他们饮用。各种花卉,植物和树木生长在那里,芬香,又遮阳。有美味的水果,坚果和种子给他们食用。在花园的中间长了两棵最美丽的树:生命树和知识树。   上帝告诉亚当和夏娃:“好好护理我给你们的花园, ” “除了知识之树的果实,你们可以吃任何你喜欢的。就是不要吃知识之树的果实,如果你们吃了,就会死” 。    亚当和夏娃听从上帝的话,他们在花园里的生活是美好的。直到有一天,夏娃遇到了蛇。蛇是一切神所造的生物中最狡猾的。它问夏娃:“上帝真的禁止你们吃园子里任何果树的果子吗? ” “是的,那棵树,夏娃指着知识树说: “上帝说,如果我们这样做,我们就会死,我们连摸它都不行。 ”    “胡说”,蛇说。 “你不会死的!神不希望你吃那树的果实是因为如果你这样做,你就会变得像祂一样,知道好坏的差别。”     夏娃紧张地注视着在知识之树。它是多么的美丽!它的叶子神秘地在微风中蜜语,它的分支伸向她。它的果实成熟的下垂着,快要落入她的手中了。 “能有智慧是多么美妙! ”夏娃喃喃地说。她终于忍不住,伸出手,拿起最靠近的果子,咬了一大口,果然汁多,味美!这么好吃的水果,怎么会是禁果? 夏娃急忙与亚当分享果实。 亚当也忍不住吃了。     突然,他们确实知道好坏了,而且他们意识到自己刚做了错事。这对夫妻感到羞愧不堪,而且对赤身裸体也感到羞愧。他们试着把树叶缝起来,以掩护自己身体。 这时他们听到上帝来了,于是迅速藏起来,但上帝知道发生了什么。    “亚当,”上帝叫到, “你为什么要和夏娃躲着我? ”    亚当和夏娃夫妇红着脸爬出来,低着头。    “当我们听到你来了,我们都吓坏了,而且我们也没有穿衣服, ”亚当小声说。     “是什么让你想要穿衣服呢?另外你们为什么怕我? ”上帝问道。 “你没有吃我让你们不要吃的果子吧? ”      亚当承认吃了,但他把责任推给夏娃, 夏娃又把责任推给蛇。上帝听了,很失望的说, “我别无选择,只能惩罚你们。 ”      他让蛇在土上爬行,与人类的永远为敌。 他给亚当和夏娃用动物皮做了衣服,从美丽的花园的家中出来生活。上帝说 “从现在开始,你将不得不自己照顾自己,辛苦种植粮食,而且有一天,你会死去,回归泥土。 ” 上帝让天使用火焰的剑,把守通向生命树的道路,让亚当和夏娃不能吃它的果实,以挽救他们最终的死亡。上帝悲伤的注视着这对感到羞辱夫妇走到了外面的世界。